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Sync Chrome versions and Chrome Extensions that I love

I just decided to live a little more on the edge and downloaded the Google Chrome Canary build, v13.0.x which is the developer build. But be warned, it could cause crashes though I've not faced any so far. Flash does seem to misbehave a bit ummm. Page loads are now definitely fast. Or do they seem fast to me :) Meanwhile, between various versions of Chrome, one just needs to enable sync to automatically update bookmarks, extensions .. Its easily done as follows: Click on the Wench icon on the top right and select Options->Personal Stuff Click on Set up Sync ... Enter your Google user name and password when prompted. You will be asked to Choose what to sync Select the options you prefer. I checked them all. Click on Ok and thats that. Repeat this on your new browser version and you should have all the settings, apps, extensions, themes, bookmarks everything imported, rather synced. Now here is the list of Chrome Extensions that I like and regularly use (no Orkut or Facebook her