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A Custom Blog and 404 errors!

I struggled for over a day with 404 errors and domain mapping issues and finally figured out the simple steps to set up my Google blog mapped to my custom domain. I also managed to add an alias to this blog site. Just jotting down the steps here for future reference ... You would've created your blog under the name say: Now you want to move it to your custom domain which you just purchased say: Also you might want to map and to land the user on your blog page directly. The latter is called a " naked " domain and has to be handled as this is not mapped by default. Steps to create custom blog at 1. Go to your blog Dashboard (link is on the top right of your screen) 2. Select the Settings  tab 3. Select the Publishing tab 4. Click on the Custom Domain  link and switch to Advanced Settings 5. Enter your domain name here 6. Check the " Redirect myd