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Giving away 2 free copies of jQuery Mobile Cookbook

I wish to thank all my friends, readers and well wishers. Your constant encouragement and support helped me complete my very first published book. I'm now very glad to announce that my book jQuery Mobile Cookbook just got published by Packt Publishers. The link is here:

Extract from the publisher website:


Create applications that use custom animations and use various techniques to improve application performanceUse and customize the various controls such as toolbars, buttons, and lists with custom icons, icon sprites, styles, and themesWrite simple but powerful scripts to manipulate the various configurations and work with the events, methods, and utilities which are provided by the framework

What you will learn from this book:

Create single-page and multi-page applications that use custom CSS and JavaScript transitions; improve performance using Prefetch, DOM-Cache, and Application CacheUse fixed and full screen toolbars, n…