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Ubuntu: Easy steps to install and use Notepad++ and IE on Ubuntu

I like using Notepad++, but it is a windows program and is not available for Linux. There are some jQuery Mobile apps that I need to test on IE. I need a Windows platform. But my primary laptop has Ubuntu. The solution is to use Wine and boy does it taste good! First install wine # sudo apt-get install wine Download the latest notepad++ installer from and launch it using wine. # sudo wine <download folder>/ This will launch the Npp installer and you can complete the fairly simple installation. Thats it, you are done ! Now you can just launch Npp and its a touchdown ! # cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Notepad++ # ./notepad++.exe There is a version of IE available too  # cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Internet Explorer # ./iexplore.exe This IE scores pretty decent on . Now how about try installing other Windows apps on Ubuntu and having more fun...

Fixing Date, Time and Zone on RHEL 6 command line

Had to fix all time related issues on a remote RHEL 6 server which runs without any windowing system. Plain ol' command line. Documenting steps here for future reference: Check to see if your date and timezone settings are accurate: # date # cat /etc/sysconfig/clock The server I accessed had wrong settings for both the commands. Here are the steps I used to correct: Find out your timezone from the folder /usr/share/zoneinfo # ls /usr/share/zoneinfo Mine was pointing to America/EDT instead of  Asia/Calcutta Update and save the /etc/sysconfig/clock file to # sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/clock ZONE="Asia/Calcutta" UTC=true ARC=false Remove the /etc/localtime # sudo rm /etc/localtime Create a new soft link to your time zone # cd /etc # sudo ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Calcutta /etc/localtime # ls -al localtime Now it should show the link to your time zone Set your hardware clock to UTC # sudo hwclock --systohc --utc # hwclock --show Update your t