Saturday, December 8, 2012

Giving away 2 free copies of jQuery Mobile Cookbook

I wish to thank all my friends, readers and well wishers. Your constant encouragement and support helped me complete my very first published book. I'm now very glad to announce that my book jQuery Mobile Cookbook just got published by Packt Publishers. The link is here:

Extract from the publisher website:


  • Create applications that use custom animations and use various techniques to improve application performance
  • Use and customize the various controls such as toolbars, buttons, and lists with custom icons, icon sprites, styles, and themes
  • Write simple but powerful scripts to manipulate the various configurations and work with the events, methods, and utilities which are provided by the framework

What you will learn from this book:

  • Create single-page and multi-page applications that use custom CSS and JavaScript transitions; improve performance using Prefetch, DOM-Cache, and Application Cache
  • Use fixed and full screen toolbars, navbars, and buttons; customize them with your own icons, icon sprites, and styles
  • Use XML and JSON data in your application; format page content using layout grids, collapsibles, and nested accordions
  • Build accessible forms; use form controls like flip switches, sliders, and select menus; validate and submit forms using Ajax
  • Use various types of lists such as Inset, Numbered, Nested, Read-only, and Split Button lists; manipulate lists using JavaScript
  • Use JavaScript to dynamically create and initialize controls, load and change pages, handle events; tweak and customize the framework configurations
  • Explore HTML5 semantics and features such as Local Storage, Session Storage, History, 2D Canvas, 3D, Geolocation, Web Workers, Audio, and Video
  • Use custom fonts and backgrounds, upgrade themes, override existing themes; generate and share new themes using the Theme Roller tool

You can purchase the book directly from the Packt website (link above). The book is also available on all popular stores and also online at Amazon, Safari Books Online, Barnes and Nobles, Flipkart, BookAdda to mention a few...

!!! Now comes the best part !!!

One lucky winner from anywhere in the world will get a free ebook copy. 
One lucky winner from anywhere in India will get a free printed copy.

So rush now. Send me a direct email at with the below subject.

Email Subject: 
From <Country Name>, I want to read the jQuery Mobile Cookbook

From India, I want to read the jQuery Mobile Cookbook

The two winners will be randomly chosen by me without any bias and announced on this site and by direct email, within 1 week after the last date of submission of the entries. The winners will be decided at my sole discretion. The decision will be final and not subject to review or contest.

Last day to participate and send in your email is GMT Midnight Sunday Dec 16, 2012.


  1. As of today the book has climbed to #30 in the best sellers list in Wireless and Mobile programming section. Thanks All ! .. It is #32 in the same list for the Kindle edition.


  3. I usually win such contests. Fingers crossed!