Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ubuntu: Easy steps to install and use Notepad++ and IE on Ubuntu

I like using Notepad++, but it is a windows program and is not available for Linux. There are some jQuery Mobile apps that I need to test on IE. I need a Windows platform. But my primary laptop has Ubuntu.

The solution is to use Wine and boy does it taste good!

First install wine
# sudo apt-get install wine

Download the latest notepad++ installer from http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and launch it using wine.

# sudo wine <download folder>/npp.xxx.Installer.exe

This will launch the Npp installer and you can complete the fairly simple installation. Thats it, you are done !

Now you can just launch Npp and its a touchdown !
# cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Notepad++
# ./notepad++.exe

There is a version of IE available too 
# cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Internet Explorer
# ./iexplore.exe

This IE scores pretty decent on www.html5test.com.

Now how about try installing other Windows apps on Ubuntu and having more fun...


  1. Sir!

    Do you really need a Ubantu to run Windows apps?


    1. Well Ganesh I got rid of notepad++ .. found that jEdit does everything I wanted on ubunut :)

  2. Ganesh, I would rather say do you really need any other OS when you have Ubuntu :) ... and no harm in porting some good apps from elsewhere ... correct?

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    1. I agree ... also all Apple products are very well designed and are of high quality ..

  4. I really have no clue why you guys are so obsessed with Notepad. Howbeit, Ubuntu has a lack of good text editors, so I work with plain text documents with Sublime via WINE. I experienced some issues with file associations here recently, but I found a nice tool for Windows that fix all errors and allows me to open txt file https://wikiext.com/txt It's made for Windows, but works fine through WINE too. You should this very editor or another one like Emacs, instead of outdated Notepad.About IE I'm better off saying nothing...

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