Thursday, February 9, 2012

It pays to blog

"See one, Make one, Teach one!" - [video: Charles McCathieNevile (Opera), see @00:19:00]

Working on a pet project, I stumbled upon jQuery Mobile a few months ago and have been hooked on to it since then. There were quite a few things that I learnt and few more things that I discovered. I started to blog a few posts on the topic and boy does it pay to blog!

One morning I log on to my blog and find that the traffic had jumped by a few hundred page views within a single night. I used to have just a handful of daily visits earlier. Initial thought was that some bot had tried to wreck havoc on my blog. Eventually I found the true reason. My post on prefetching pages using jQuery Mobile, had been retweeted by @jquerymobile. Traffic hasn't looked down since. Even today the number of pageviews on a daily basis, is tenfold more than the earlier days. Its been two months now.

Within a week of this, I got an email by a leading international publisher asking if I were interested to write a book on jQuery Mobile. I almost fell off my seat. Mostly a new version of the famous Nigerian scam mail. I was skeptical. But a quick cross check proved otherwise. This was for real!

Govind my friend urged me on, "Chetan, this is once in a life time opportunity. Just take it!"

I had to submit a proposal over the new year weekend. One of these days I'll make it up to my wife and kid for me sitting with my laptop all through the new year's eve. Couldn't have done it without their support and understanding.

The proposal got reviewed and also got selected over two other proposals. I eventually signed the contract last month. The book will take a few months to roll out. I expect it to be available by Q4 of 2012 (if all things go well). This will be an interesting experience and I am quite excited about the same.

This also means that I have a few contractual obligations with my publisher and have to pick and choose what I blog about going forward. But there are enough topics in jQueryMobile and the HTML5 world in general and I will surely be posting more frequently now.


  1. Congrats Chetan and All the best from our side !! You deserve this.

  2. Best of luck.
    Your book will be great! Waiting for it...

  3. Congratulations Chetan. this is quite inspiring for many bloggers. thanks for sharing your story and look forward to your book. I also have a blog Javarevisited where I blog my experience on FIX Protocol, Java etc. let me know how do you find it.


    1. Thanks Javin, you have a great blog and nice tips/tutorials! Am a follower of your blog now...

  4. Thanks Pavanesh, Amar sir, Ashwin, Sid, Bhuwan! :)